Monday, September 28, 2009

Saw the Doc!

Finally got to see the Doc and the news was variable.

My perineal brevis has indeed split, I have hyper-mobile ankles, I'll need a repair of the tendon or it will rupture and I'll need a reconstruction of the area round the ankle to either allow it to be reattached or a sling made for it if the grooze is as narrow as she suspects.

Probably at least a three week wait to see what ACC say. They apparently argue a split is not the result of trauma when trauma is the only cause. Then once the op is done 2-4 weeks in a backslab cast and then into a moon boot - mobilising after about 10 days.

But the good news is I can't do much more damage to it so I can run again if I want and bike! So Auckland half looks like a goer. I'm advised not to run on unstable surfaces or in the dark. Kepler is probably a no go but I'm not quitting til I have an operation date because I can do it unrepaired. I'd hate to pull out and then find surgery doesn't happen until mid-December!

So I am a happy camper! I'll still keep up the DWR because it means I can get in even more training without stress on the tendon...Oo rah!

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