Thursday, September 10, 2009

My long "run"

I did my Wednesday long 'run' today since I was in Wellington yesterday. Half an hour after a five minute warm-up. I managed to do more than 925m! - I'm not the best at length counting! It was a reasonably hard slog and the water was a tad chilly today.

The usual promenaders were there...I reckon I travel more distance then I think getting around them.  There was also a grandmother and her grandson...between 4 and 6, I reckon.  She put an aquajogger belt on him and had him trying to swim up and 4.4m deep water. I was worried he was going to slip out of the belt.  Initially he was terrified and crying.  He got a bit better but I think he felt much happier when she took him into the recreational swimmers lane which is 1.5m deep at the end. They were a chore to get round since they were side by side.

I'm getting slightly less tolerant of the people who are not really getting in the spirit of aqua-jogging....the ones who breast stroke slowly up and down.  I get whacked with their hands when I try to pass and the sign saying "Aqua-jogging lane - aqua-jogging only".  They should be in the slow swimming lane.  In fact I've only seen two other people actually doing anything resembling aqua-jogging.  One was a woman with no belt....huge kudos to her. The worse thing is when they wander in the middle of the lane because there is no room to pass on either side.  We need an aqua-jogging cop.  "Pull over swimmer!  Good morning madam, are you aware you are doing the breast stroke?  Did you see the sign back there?  Would you please accompany me to the slow swimmers' lane."

I'm having a mixed bag of experiences in the changing rooms. It is no fun juggling shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and crutches to the shower...there is a real danger of losing your towel.  Streaking from the locker to the shower is best performed by clients of the local plastic surgeons and is only then barely tolerated. If I don't take the crutches the crippled hobble is not much more dignified.  I also must remember to vet my underwear!  Appropriate underwear is essential in a Newmarket changing room.  Underwear that snuck in the washing machine with the new black jeans is not appropriate. It looks Bridget Jonesish!  All underwear should match,  it should have a requisite amount of lace and it should have intact elastic. 

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