Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Chlorine Queen

I have never spent so much time in swimming pools! This morning I took Toby and Felix to swimming lessons. Toby is doing so well! He just needs to hone his technique - less flailing! But Felix! He has come along in mega strides.  Before the class he was cavorting underwater and swimming without a board! He now dives in...I got some great video footage which has never happened before...normally he'll only try things once!  Both boys are now real water babies.  We even went to Meadowbank bakery to celebrate...a huge treat!

Having escaped the Sacred Heart pool with seriously frizzy hair I went to the Olympic pool to see what other damage I could do! My one piece was still drying so I had to wear a two piece....nerve wracking...would I lose the pants? Would the top stay up?

Everything stayed where it should and I completed four lots of 5 minutes hard - legs pounding, fists flying, teeth gritting - with 1 minute recovery in between. With the five minutes warmup and warmdown it was 34 minutes of immersion. W00t! Something I have noticed is that my aquajogger is narrower than the ones hired out by the pool and I have to work slightly harder to keep my shoulders above water.  This is not a bad thing because my abs get engaged more and my legs have to keep moving.  I'm enjoying warming down by pedalling and keeping my arms behind my back. It means I can check my technique and my arms get a rest!

Bring on Kepler!

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