Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thanks for nothing

This week is probably not one of my better ones. I am now unemployed since the Midwifery Council is so rigid they must have pokers up their butts. I am really disappointed that the body responsible for overseeing a supposedly caring profession can't have a little wiggle room around practicing certificates. I'm a bit over saying how if I was a nurse I'd only have to maintain my practice around the area I work in rather than the whole spectrum but midwives have to be it all. So now I'm looking for a job that will pay as much and fit in with my MS as well as my previous job did. Good luck to me! I'm also in a bit of a grump today because I foolishly went to anoither physio. I have always been a bit of a sceptic - only one physio has ever earned my trust and he was a true magician. I went to a neuro physio who was supposed to know about MS. She obviously made up her mind I was an unmotivated layabout as soon as I walked in. She thought I didn't walk far by choice and repeatedly said we'd have to work on my core because it'll be weak. I do a seted total body workout because it allows me to do 45 minutes of exercise but she thought it'd be much better if I stood to do some exercises. Since I can only stand for 5 minutes then I feel it would really add no value. After assessing my walk and seeing I was weaker on my right - can you say duh!- we progressed to floor work on my core where I nailed a plank - did you not realise that a total body workout would cover my TOTAL body! Apparently if I take up nordic walking I'll be able to throw away my crutch - it's a miracle! Can you say snake oil! Not to mention telling me to change the dosage of my medication for my spastic legs - not a good look! I have had a meeting with Taikura Trust who do the referrals for community supports and housing modifications. Hopefully something will come out of it - a speech language consultation to sort out my swallowing issues and an OT to recommend something to help me cope with stairs would certainly help. Preferably options that take into account my reduced means. So I guess I'll go back to my usual position on the sofa eating fried food and watching Jeremy Kyle. That's how I felt the physio viewed me. I know what I'd like to do with the nordic poles! I now resolve to reduce my contact with the allied health professions. I am just not a candidate for these faith healers.