Saturday, September 5, 2009

The year that's been!

Up until 5 weeks ago I'd had a brilliant year. My fabulous physio had fixed my hip, I'd got faster...really faster! I'd entered two Ultras: the Great Naseby Water Race and the Kepler Challenge. I was trail running and loving was good!

And then disaster!

I slipped off a kerb and hurt my heel. It didn't improve so I went to the A&E. It was put in a tubigrip and I was to have an xray on the Monday. I had the xray and the doc looked at it and said "All fine. Just a strain. Take ibuprofen and carry on". So I did. Then the xray report arrived! Possible fracture! No contact from Doc but my lovely physio arranged an appointment with a sports Doc for me.

I went off to Lower Hutt where I'd entered the 5 Bridges Marathon. It was not to be either! I made a great cheer section in my moon boot and had a blast at Norman's 50th birthday party instead!

On the Wednesday after my return I saw the Sports Doc who sent me off for a CT scan. Finally got it done the following Monday...four weeks after injury. Back to Doc ....fracture was pretty much healed so he said get rid of the moon boot. I had the feeling he thought I was a hypochondriac! On examination it was still bloody sore. OK...we'll get an ultrasound done. Not likely to show anything.

In between I go to Naseby to once again support at an event I was meant to be running. Still I had grat fun being the timekeeper (scored a woolly hat) and trying curling! Woo hoo!

Got in for the US on the Monday....5 weeks have passed. Radiographer looks and says it all seems fine. There's a bit that looks like a split but it's probably just a variation on normal. She decided to get the Radiologist to look. In they both come. Radiologist directs the radiographer on where and how to put the probe and voila! a bloody great split in one of the peroneal tendons!

Just going off on a slight tangent here. Where you go to the radiologists often it is to see the cause of a pain. So you would think they would realise that repeated wriggling around over a sore point is not pleasant! But no apologies!

Anyway, back to the Doc on the following Wednesday. Quelle surprise! you are not a hypochondriac! No! I have what I originally thought I had! So he talked about 6 months rehab! I then asked about surgical repair. Having read research and feedback I felt happier with the idea of a total repair. He agreed to refer me to an Orthopod. And surprise surprise.....get back in your moon boot! Bloody hell!

I rang the Orthopod and got an nearly 4 weeks! So if she refuses to operate on healing tissue I'm going to be very angry cos I could have seen her by now if all the tests had been done at once rather than piece meal to appease the hypochondriac!

So that is where it stands! Kepler looks like yet another ultra i don't get to do but I'm not admitting defeat yet! I have 90 days!

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