Monday, September 7, 2009

The training starts now!

First day of  the DWR training program. 2 lots of 5x1.5 min intervals. If you can sweat in a pool, I was! I got a monthly pass ($65) which will be paid off in just over 9 sessions and since I'll be doing at least 5 a week it's good value!

When I arrived there were 3 sedate pool walkers ambling up and  down. I joined them for my 5 min warm up. They  were unaware of what  was about to be unleashed! After 5 mins it was running time. It really is hilarious! You look like you're roaring  along but movement is similar to running in jelly! But I wasted the walkers! I'd roar (figuratively) past and then  a bit further ahead slow down for my 30 sec recovery. But none of them passed me! I also restrained myself and didn't shout 'Runner on your right!"

I do feel like I've done some work. I didn't brave the steam room today (10 mins steam, cold shower then hot shower to remove the chlorine smell) because it was full of elderly men. I didn't want to cause any heart attacks ;-)

Tomorrow is 6x2:30 hard intervals. I'll have earned my coffee!

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