Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another day of more than 1k!

40 minutes of constant pace meant I totaled 1025m . I had the ipod, the watch and the aquabelt, I remembered underwear and I had $2 for parking  so it was a good day all round. Only two others in the lane meandering so there was a bit of darting and diving but generally I was content.

There was no vacuuming being carried out so another hurrah! Yes, in the world of deep water running it was a glorious day! I'm always stoked to go over 1k! Who'da thunk it! The weather outside pretty much mirrored the conditions in the pool....wet!  so no sorrow there! And a man held the door for me.

The aftereffects of DWR are pretty heavy! My abs are feeling over-worked, I'm sooooo tired and I could eat a McDonalds Angus Burger when I'm finished! I make do with a bowl of Special K and soy milk.  Recent research has shown this has equivalent benefits to drinking a restore/replace drink so I'm happy!

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