Thursday, September 17, 2009

Easy day today!

Today was great! I only had to deep water run at the same speed or thereabouts for 35 minutes.  Easy, especially with the tunes on board!  I even taught a new lady how to deep water run! She was kicking her legs out the back and really just dog paddling.  As I would pass her she'd try out the knee raising, butt kicking technique and by the end of the session she was moving really well!  Now if only Asian ladies 2 and 3 would get in to the groove we'd be sweet.

The water was really cold today! I don't know what they're doing! The new lady was quite tentative getting in...but it may have been taking the final trusting step into the deep water and believing that piece of foam around your middle will really stop you drowning!

I only covered 800m but it was a good 800m! I reckon that my arms are getting much more of a workout than they do when running. I have a wake! So the promenaders have to fight through it! Ha ha sweet revenge!

I started late because we had a plasterer in to fix a hole in the ceiling where the bath pipe leaked so the pool was slightly emptier.  It was a bit of an effort going though! Not only did I fall down stairs yesterday and graze my knees but this morning I was plugging the vacuum in to charge and the iron fell on my head! Someone doesn't like me!

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