Friday, September 11, 2009

Intervals and dodging

Todays session in the world of DWR was intervals. Fast for 1 min, rec for 1min, fast for 2 mins, rec for 1, fast for 3 mins, rec 1min, fast 4 mins, rec 1min, fast 3 mins rec 1 min, fast 2 mins rec 1 min, fast for 1 min.  It went well and time flew.

However, I couldn't get any idea of distance because I kept having to zap across the lap and turn round to avoid the promenaders, it was between 700 and 900m.  Do they actually think they're getting any value as they bob along? There is no exertion involved! It's not even social because they all bob along in silence. A benefit is that I'm getting the hang of turning without the leg flailing!

It's a rainy day so I had to hop using my crutches rather than taking a little weight on my toes to avoid wet sock syndrome. After a DWR workout it was hard! The car seemed to have got further away! I was starving by the time I got home. A peanut butter sandwich hit the spot nicely and set me up for work.

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Andrew said...

Cool, a pyramid session!