Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What were they thinking!

Today was 8x2:30 intervals. It was also the day or time the lifeguards decided to vacuum the pool! Now if you are putting a vacuum with a very long out of control blue hose attached into a lane where someone is deep water running what would you do? Would you say "I say excuse me! We're just going to vacuum here. Stay in but you may need to just use half the lane"? Well they didn't! They just pretended we didn't exist! So I was doing 10m loops at one end of the pool and a guy was doing 5m loops at the other! And the life guards just avoided eye contact! Lucky I wasn't doing distance! 9am is usually a fairly busy time but Asian ladies were absent today. Then after 15 minutes they removed the vacuum and put it away. So tell me this....what do we do in the aqua jogging lane and far end of the slow lane that means it requires vacuuming when the rest of the pool does not!

I got my workout in but it was not as fulfilling! I figure I covered about 800m but who knows! And to make matters worse I didn't have the strap for my ipod so no music! I think it was equivalent to a mud run on a pouring day.

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