Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two things!

Number one!
My cheapie sports watch did the job in the pool! I could keep track of my intervals and just made sure not to press any buttons in the water. It beats slogging up and down counting "1 Missississipi 2 Missississipi.....". 6x2:30 intervals today with 30 sec recovery. My abs are being put to good use! And I no longer think about how deep the water is which is huge progress. Of course, I double check my belt before entering the water.

 The turning at the end is still a slog....I seem to be fighting to get across and round. My technique (I use this term very loosely) goes to pot and I end up leaning sideways with my left leg sticking out. I keep telling myself "You are a swan. Calm on the surface and paddling/running like hell underneath."

Number two! 
Since I am getting around in a moon boot or two crutches I noticed the diffrence in attitudes between the sexes. The door to the pool is a heavy Art Deco style one which has to be pulled to open.  Men will generally hold it open for me and will even run to do so. But women! Today I was behind a woman who saw me, opened the door, stepped through it and let it close in my face! This has been my general experience apart from the woman at the coffee place at Wellington airport who insisted on carrying my coffee and food over for me.

Is it so hard to spend two seconds holding a door open? Especially for someone who could hit you a good one with either crutch. I always smile and thank them. Where are those Random Act of Kindnesses? I may start 'accidentally' putting my crutches down on toes at the pool side or in the changing room.

And so my rant ends!

Morgan and I are considering chess or petanque as a safer sport but me and heavy boules are probably not a good idea. As Morgan says "yep, big steel balls are always dangerous!".

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