Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Otterbox....Oo rah!

Today's DWR session was brilliant! There was only Asian lady 1 in the pool and she meanders at such a pace I can turn when I reach her if necessary and not get in her way. She keeps left which is always a plus!  She left when I had 5 minutes to go and I was joined by a new player - very pregnant woman. She was slow but sure and I was able to do 1.5 lengths to her 0.5 so we never clashed.

The otterbox is a winner! Time flew while listening to Ozzie singing crazy train, Guns and Roses, Pink being a bad influence, Matchbox 20, good old Miley, Pitbull and my REALLY guilty secret (as opposed to Miley my simply guilty secret) the cast of Mamma Mia the movie! The earphones were comfortable - not even noticeable. Good comfortable earphones is a big ask for me as I have narrow ear canals. Plus they keep the water out! The otterbox clips securely into the armband so after a couple of laps I forgot all about checking it. I thought it might feel cumbersome and weighty but it was not even noticeable. I tucked the earphone cables through my togs strap and this kept them on my back and out of the way.  So fantastaballistic!

It was good I had my tunes because today was a hard one. Probably because it was building on yesterday. The session today was 2 sets of 7x1:30 intervals with 30sec recovery between intervals and, again a glorious 2 min recovery between sets. At the time it didn't feel too bad but when I got out of the pool I knew I'd worked hard! During the workout I covered 925m. Tomorrow is just a 35 minute straight DWR session so that will be a nice change. It'd give all the other pool occupants a rest from my serious pushing my limits face!

And the highlight for pool goers today  was...I wore pigtails! I don't feel I can wear a swimcap because my head doesn't go in the water. I may need to wear googles for long 'runs' because my lenses don't like the chlorine. Such an attractive sport!

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