Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sneaked in!

Today was officially my rest day but because I was going to be in Wellington from Thursday afternoon until Saturday afternoon I wouldn't have had a chance to get in my Friday work out. So I did Friday's today.
 Intervals...of course! The lovely ladder of increasing intervals up to 4 minutes and then back down to 1 minute with 30 second recovery. And I was all alone! Oh the freedom of just being able to put my head down and go without judging whether I can overtake before the end.

Now I'm in Wellington where it is cold and rainy and my hotel room is reminiscent of a barracks room apparently.  When they said shared bathroom I didn't realise they meant one bathroom for the whole floor! At least I'm on the floor with the girl's bathroom. Going down stairs in the middle of the night does not sound like fun.

So now I'm starting on a Battlestar Gallactica marathon....if I can get the player software sorted. I may have to turn the heater's Spring! I must make sure I don't drink too much...long way to that bathroom!

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Ooooh, what hotel are you staying at???? Sounds more like a holiday park!