Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bye bye to Kepler

I've withdrawn from Kepler :-( There was just no way I could do the training if I had surgery anytime soon. It was a huge decision but the deadline for withdrawal and only losing $45 was upon us and it seemed the best decision. Now I'm in limbo and really have no incentive to do anything which is ironic since I'm allowed to run, bike, swim, jump!

It's the school holidays too so I'm not in my usual routine and it's easy to say I'll do it later. A walk around the zoo definitely hurt so I'm thinking running will hurt more! But I should get back in the pool! The rash on my chin from the chlorine has cleared up so I've obviously been out of the water too long!

No chance to do much this weekend as I'm supporting at the 6-12-24 hour champs. Simon is running in circles for 6 hours and Matt is running in circles for 24! Plus Nick is also doing 24 so there will be much to entertain me. I'm not certain how Simon's plan for Toby and Felix to have a 'camping adventure' will pan out - 24 hours with a 7 year old and a 10 year old in an enclosed area with no access to other entertainment! It may be a Dean-dream.

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