Monday, October 12, 2009

Cross-training rules!

Despite being allowed to run on my foot I'm not pushing it too much....why? Because it hurts and swells up! But with the Auckland Half roaring up I'm not slacking.  Yesterday I went for a two hour ride along the Hutt River Trail. Of course I spent half an hour trying to find the start of it! Who would look down a driveway between buildings! Once I found it and made it across the Estuary Bridge it was brilliant!

There's been a bit of rain so there were some nice muddy patches to cover me and the treadly in mud. It was a glorious day and there were a few others out enjoying it but not as many as I would have expected. It's a great flat trail and I'll be back running it next opportunity I get!

Going back I took a wrong turn (they don't call me Lost Soul for nothing!) so ended up going across the railway bridge on the rickety pedestrian/bike path. Luckily I was over just before the train went through but the wind still challenged me. Then I had to traverse a golf course! A couple of other riders were doing the same but it seemed weird and a little nerve-wracking when surrounded by weekend golfers!

Luckily I made it back to the car safely and loaded my poor filthy treadly on. It's going to stay on the back of the car for a couple of days to dry out and lose some mud before I bring it up to the apartment.

I walked to and from work today and my foot was fine so it seems only running stresses it at this point! So it'll be a slow but steady Auckland or a faster but sore one. Depends how I feel on the day.  But it is great being allowed to do what I want and to get some exercise.

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Andrew said...

Cool, from that description I know at least part of where you went. Several races traverse through that golf course: Hutt River Trail ultra does the very bottom, Hutt 5 Bridges marathon does the full length on both the out and back, I've had at least two different half marathons through there, and the odd harrier race.

You should take a look further north sometime too. Towards the top end of Lower Hutt things get a bit grim, but once you get to Upper Hutt it becomes more picturesque. A great place to exercise.