Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still penguining along grimly

It's the Auckland half next weekend and it's only the fact that I want my roadster number that keeps me from flagging it. I still have no date for my op and my foot varies between tolerable and red-hot pain.

I'm running and walking to work but that's not particularly far.  The longest I've managed before feeling like shit is 6k! So I think the half will involve much walking.  I'm not happy because I really wanted to do a serious half and I was so on track before my accident. The real downer is my injured gait is effecting my hip again so I'm taking regular arcoxia to keep me from screaming.

I'm keeping up my fitness on the Tranzx. I treat the neighbours and the pigeons to the entertaining sight of me pedalling away on the balcony. I moved my bike out there so I wouldn't annoy the downstairs neighbours and prevent a build-up of microscopic rubber fibres on the wall.

I need to get organised and join the local pool so I can do some more DWR but haven't got round to figuring out when.

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