Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dressed down

Two weeks has passed...oo rah! So I have been able to remove the evil diabolical TEDs and my feet can now breathe. I am making an effort to elevate them once a day to prevent swelling and may be showing mild signs of hypochondria with regard to signs of DVTs.

I have also been able to remove the dressing. I celebrated this by nearly passing out. I put it down to low Hb, leaning at a strange angle with my head down to avoid breaking the sacred hip precautions and the dressing sticking just a little. After a sweet cup of tea and a lie down I was nearly back to normal but I celebrated by buying some iron tablets because I'm really not rocking this vampire look.

so here has how it's changed over a period of 10 days. A vast improvement! The kicker is that with hip precautions the only way I can see my badge of honour is if I take a photo of it. Roll on the day when I can once again twist and shout - well currently if I twist I do shout, but you get my meaning.

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