Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shocking news!

Not really shocking news, more like totally out of left field unexpected news that is incredibly great.

I had my check up with the surgeon today (more later) and he said "No running before April" so if I promise not to jolt my hip before then I can run and jump in April and I shall at the very least be jumping with joy. Of course MS is the real decider on the running but if I can do so without pain or spasming all over the place I shall try to work my way up very slowly to 5k.

As for the appointment, well I seem to be doing beautifully. My perceived leg length discrepancy is due to my hip previous being scrouched up at the front and now it has been put back where it belongs it feels too long. Apparently all markers are in the right place I'm just curving my spine all over. So I'm going to get physio and hopefully that will get me back on track.

I can apparently do everything I want at the gym as long as I hold off on running and bouncing until April.

I also had the Gastro appointment. I'm for a gastroscopy in the next fortnight or so. apparently it is high priority, pity my appointment wasn't. Anyway they'll have a look at how everything works and if I have a constriction they'll put down a rod to stretch it. Only a small risk of tearing it!

Now I just need to get my night guard to stop my teeth grinding since the antispasmodic I'm on doesn't seem to cover that and my wisdom tooth removal and I'm done.

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