Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Heading for the big 6

Tomorrow is six weeks post op - cue balloons! Cue dancing in the streets! Well maybe not.

I know the aim of having a hip replacement is pain relief and certainly the point at the front of my hip where the arthritis was killing me is improved. BUT my left leg is not happy. It is my perception that my right leg is significantly longer than my left. While I was on two crutches I certainly didn't notice it and on one it was barely perceivable but whenever I try to walk unaided I resemble Quasimodo.

I tiptoe on my left foot and as a consequence I've had plantar fasciitis, a sore back, sore calf muscles and my hip feels like the right one did. My right hip just doesn't feel right. It feels normal as in my type of normal - a hip that pops in and out of the socket if you think of doing anything. I'm obsessing that the Physio making me do weight bearing on my non cemented hip two days post op may have contributed to some slippage.

I've got an X-ray and surgeon's visit on Thursday so I guess all will come clear then.

On the positive side, I set a goal of being able to walk 1.5k before seeing the surgeon and I have a heaved that. It is with a crutch or a stick. But I set no limitations on it so it counts. I have also tried the driving thing and it worked. Being able to drive will save me having to walk up the mountain we call a driveway to go for a walk and also let me get back to the gym once I'm signed off so I can rebuild some leg strength, hopefully. My biceps have never been better after four weeks of double crutches.

And I can always dream of being taller if the left THJR extends that leg as well. Dreams are free!

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