Sunday, November 4, 2012

Getting along more than adequately

With the three week mark only 3 days away I'm pleased with progress. I'm still on double crutches, still another 11 days until I can start 'weaning', and I still get becalmed in armless chairs but I'm getting there.

I'm now only taking the occasional panadeine, usually when I wake up as that's when I hurt the most. I have started on Ferrograd so hopefully I'll start looking a little less like a vampire soon. So basically I'm down to 4 tablets in the morning, with aspirin and 5 at night with Baclofen.

On the MS side of things, I have an appointment with Gastro. It's the morning of my Xray and surgeon visit so it's looking like a pretty busy day. I should be able to drive by then so at least I can get myself to the Gastro appointment unaccompanied.

I was thinking today about which is the most useful aid. It is actually a draw between the grabber (everyone needs one!) which is a dressing, grabbing, pointing machine, and the toilet chair! Now stay with me on this. It might seem at first a toilet chair serves only one obvious function but no! It serves the purpose of it's nomenclature true, but it also serves as a seat to sit on when dressing after showering, a place to clamp my grabber while in the bathroom (otherwise you need to carry a second grabber for when your first grabber inevitably falls on the floor) and a pseudo walker to get me from where I put my crutches to the toilet. If allowed, I think it would also serve as an excellent clothes horse. You see it is a thing of many uses.

I'm noticing a bit more flexibility (within hip precaution guidelines) of my operated leg now when I do the exercises. I read a good hint to do them when you clean your teeth so I've extrapolated that to whenever I'm at the basin. Drink enough and you certainly up the number of work outs you do!

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