Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A game of S.N. cricket put my return to the trails back significantly. It was a case of twist and shout! So I've spent 5 months babying my foot. It's been taped so much I think I'll permanently have a white area on my calf, it was allowed only gentle walks and flat shoes.

By May I was able to powerwalk and that at least kept my sanity. Six weeks ago I decided to try a little short run in the evening...I'm talking maybe a k! But there was no pain and only slightly more twinges in the morning. Things were looking up!

Normally I charge ahead like a bull at a gate but for once I decided to take it slow....little steps. So I settled into doing a 1 mile course on the hilly streets around our house. Occasionally I'd push out to 2k but not further. I mixed in longer walks and was quite happy.

In fact I changed my focus and started weight training so my runs were just a cardio work out rather than the be all and end all. And I totally love the weights workouts! So instead of feeling like I was missing out on something I was doing something else I loved.

So I was rocking along like this, happy as Larry, until the first Saturday in July.....Kepler registration. I had resigned myself to the fact that a 60k run over trails was not doable if I wanted to really get sorted so I slept in.  And then the remorse set in. So I decided to look for something to take my mind off the Kepler on the day and I found it....The Goat.....running round Mt Ruapehu. So joy was restored ....if I could up the ks.

Then I read the runs list for the 7in7 Challenge that Mal Law is running to raise money for the Leukemia and Blood Foundation. The day one run was a marathon in the Wanaka area and you didn't have to eat nails for breakfast to do it! So I registered my interest but it all depended on whether I could actually up the running. I have most running books under the sun and I knew just the book to grab...Marathon Running For Mortals. It's written by John Bingham aka the Penguin and Jenny Hadfield. So diary in hand I plotted the training programme. It looked doable but the proof was in the running so off I went yesterday for the first run....5k later.....no pain! Don't worry I've got until the end of November to get the ks up! So I set up my fundraising page because I can do this! All runners are encouraged to raise at least $400.

My page is Nic's 7in7 fundraising page. So if you've read this far, how about dropping by and promising a few dollars! And no, I won't be doing it in costume!

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