Friday, February 12, 2010

I am complete!

Having run with my crackberry and suffering it swearing that I can run across water without even getting my feet wet and dropping satellites at the appearance of the slightest cloud I was spitting tacks. I wanted to know where I'd been, where I was going and why my legs hurt so much!

The answer to all my questions now adorns my wrist during runs! A Garmin 310XT! At a glance I can see my pace, how far I've gone, the time of day and how long I've been running. I even managed to beat my virtual partner to work today! I just wish that it would then do my job so I could have a sleep in!

I had a nice negotiation with the lovely Karl at Trig Instruments and got the best price in NZ (less than their advertised price due to price guarantee)! And had it delivered right to work. No need for credit card, I was able to pay by fastcheque. All is good! And now I can eat again! And drive my car to work on wet days (not all of them or I'd never get a run in!). And even have a coffee at work, though I've become quite fond of red zinger tea made from tea bags. (Instant coffee is not coffee - it is a hot beverage that bears no resemble to a delicious cup of java.

And so I leave you now, for tomorrow the wide open road (ok Oriental parade round to Hataitai Beach) calls and me and my Garmin are ready to answer. Can't wait to take it up Mt Kaukau!

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