Monday, January 11, 2010

I am hurt to my core

Runners need to strengthen their core muscles, pilates strengthens the core muscles therefore pilates would be a good thing, right?. An hour of pilates has left me barely able to breathe in and out without groaning. My muscles are threatening to go on strike. They tell me they are all that stands between my internal organs and the outside world and if I cause them any more trouble they are just letting go and I'll see how much use 5 layers of skin are.

I crawled home from work, wondering 'Is 6 o'clock too early for bed?'. I decided maybe it was so I'll be a devil and stay up until 8.  I have come to the conclusion that Pilates just makes running seem easier because it doesn't involve you having both legs raised off the ground for what seems like an hour, teasing them with nearly placing them back on the floor and then not. Of course you do get to lie down more with Pilates. The only time you get to lie down with running is when you fall over and then people never let you lie there and enjoy it.

With less than two weeks until the Hutt River events I'm vacillating. Do I do the half, the 10k or just be a great support. Currently my answer would be 'whichever option does not require any use of any muscles'. I'm such a snob, I really don't want to do the 10k. But I have to remind myself that I enjoyed the two 5ks I did. Oh the decisions! I will have my answer by morning. Of course a half marathon would be a true test of the magic of taping. But if I do the 10k I could run with May from work. I need chocolate!

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