Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looooong run

Today I ran to Pompeii via French Bay. Ok, I ran to Te Papa to see the exhibition 'A Day in Pompeii' after doing my regular homage visit to the McCahons on level 5. The wind was wild in Wellington today so I decided against running the Skyline Track as my powers of flight are not yet fully developed. The waterfront was wild! At one point I felt like my right leg was being blown away to the south! I can't believe in January I had to be rugged up in my merino 2XU t and my running jacket. I'm not certain polyprop gloves wouldn't have gone amiss!

It was a wild adventure! I don't know if my hair a la 'something about Mary' was really up to Te Papa's standards. The run was far better than the exhibition but at least it gave me a purpose. I couldn't believe it when I got home and it wasn't even 1 and I'd had a run, been to an exhibition, gone to two markets and come away with a huge haul of fresh fruit and veg, done the vacuuming and a load of washing! A most pleasing day was had! I'm hmming and haaing over running to work to tomorrow. The lure of a cup off coffee and a homemade muffin when I get there will probably convince me. But I do love running along the waterfront....and not just because it's flat and Tory St is not!

Off to retape my leg now. I gave it some tapefree time today and realised what an excellent job the taping was doing.

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Char said...

What a productive day. You make me feel like a sloth. All I did was sleep in, go out for a coffee, read the paper, do a little laundry, take a nap and iron. It's a tough life!