Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The worm has turned!

I'm not letting the evil conglomerate get me down! After nearly expiring with disappointment and regret watching the guys finish Kepler, I figured I had nothing to lose.

I've been hitting the waterfront and surrounding areas in the mornings (loving Welling ton waterfront sooooo much....wind not so much) and have had few problems! I've found that tighter shoes and remembering to step off kerbs etc with my left foot means I can avoid a lot of pain. So far 10k is my limit but I haven't pushed it ant more and some days are better than others but I'm out there snubbing my nose at ACC. Without shoes my foot is sore and high heels are killers! Taping works on occasion but I think I'm just going to have to take things slow and hope the split knits. Or win lotto so I can afford a couple of months off work.

So my goals for 2010 have shrunk incredibly. I'm aiming for a 10k in April or May, probably at the Rotorua Marathon if I end up there. A half marathon around July and then the Auckland Marathon....wearing my Roadster number, OOOOO RAH! Then KEPLER SHALL BE MINE!

Hanging out with people who are on the whole sedentary helps. They think 10k before breakfast is superhuman. Of course I'm permanently tired because I'm getting up early enough to run, drive to work in time to get a park (great traffic planning CCDHB) and have a shower so I'm at my desk working away over an hour before anyone else appears. So no one is really inspired by my example to give exercise a go! And I do spend a lot of the evening wondering if it is too early to go to bed. My answer is usually "It's never too early!"

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