Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Punishing my foot

I was in two minds about running the Auckland Half but really wanted my roadster number so finally decided to. In the end I was glad I made the decision to. My hip was fine but my foot felt like a knife was wedged into it. I made it over the bridge which was my goal.  I was then going to take it easy but actally put more effort in than I had in past events and finished feeling strong but sore.  It took a while for the power of speech to return. It was great to finish and although I wasn't back in time to see Ingrid finish her 100th marathon I was close.

It was nice catching up with people you only see at events.  The highlight for me was the sausage from the Cortexa tent! Since I only eat vege food in Wellington I sometimes get an overwhelming craving for meat.

After surviving Auckland I, for some strange reason,  decided that doing the Feilding Marathon the following Saturday would be a good idea. It was not. I had to get up at 3am to drive to Feilding. My foot had been niggling on my walks to work but I ignored it. I taped it and for 11k the tape worked brilliantly ...and then it didn't.  The rest of the event was absolute agony. I had to convince myself to carry on by thinking in small distances...another 5k and you're half way.....two more k and you can have 5 gummi bears.  The whole field aprt from two passed me, and since I started before them that was no real comfort! With 5k to go I was bawling my eyes out and craving KFC! All I wanted was to be finished and home but that meant hobbling another 5k and then driving for 2 hours! By sheer bloody-mindedness I finally made it back.  My relief was so great I even drank a can of Tui! Thanks, Norman!

Having survived the concerned looks of my co-workers after Auckland, I decided to try and defeat DOMS. So for two days I lived in Skins. Wellington naturally put on brilliant weather on the Sunday so I could swelter in them! But it worked! No DOMS! I only shuffled a little because of my hip and foot and ibuprofen covered that!

For a month my poor foot has had no respite! I'm still walking to work, I ride my bike and I do stupid events! And now I think I have killed it. It is swollen and tender. I had to wear jandals to work today because my shoes didn't fit. RICE is at work now and hopefully tomorrow I can look a little less casual!

And still I wait for ACC to decide my fate! I have never really liked them and every time my foot twinges my dislike seems to increase! And they have the audacity to ask me to pay nearly $3000 in levies! Ai carumba!

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