Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa wouldn't buy me a Garmin.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got a run in if they were so inspired. I didn't run on Christmas Day this year. No time due to the travelling around the parental units. I had enjoyed my run last Christmas so was sorry to not be able to make time.

Santa didn't give me a Garmin so I remain a lost soul. I am gutted. Millie and I went for a very pleasant run today through the bush systems around the Newmarket area and it was lovely. She got to swim in the various streams and waterholes so really enjoyed herself. My foot was very niggly. The uneven surfaces of the trails mean my ankles do move about a lot and pressure is put on the peroneus brevis so it hurt and the shoes I was wearing were not as supportive as my regular ones so I finished with a slightly swollen sore foot but I'd had a great fun run so I'm happy. The weather was slightly cloudy so it wasn't too hot when we were on the roads. We are pretty lucky in New Zealand, having access to lots of lovely bush to escape to.

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