Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going to the place the cyborgs belong.

Day 4 post THR found me at Armagghedon - the comic book/geek fest dressed as Oracle in my trusty wheelchair. I only managed a couple of hours but it was nice to be able to make the regular pilgrimage.

This morning I discovered that it is pretty much impossible to put compression tights on by yourself with only the use of a sock aid, shoe horn and grabber without getting seriously close to popping out that joint. I had taken the TEDs off overnight and intended wearing them during the day and having a rest at night but if I don't have a stocking assistant then I can't make sure I have them on before I get up so I think I'll be wearing the 24/7 for at least two weeks.

I seemed to have got the hang of getting into bed easily. I drag myself diagonally up the bed so my leg follows and end up easily positioned. The car is a bit more difficult. The guidelines say to get in from road level not from the curb. This is probably fine when you are getting into a family saloon but I'm trying to get into a Landrover so I end up trying to vault up. So now I try and find a curb and then pop my butt on the seat, lean back towards the driver's side, bend my knees and pivot around to get my feet into the foot well while still maintaining a greater than 90 degree angle. I have a slippy sheet on the seat to help with twisting.

I've been doing my leg exercises like a good little trooper but a little leery about weight bearing on my right leg while swinging the left one around.

I'm amazed how little pain I have. Much less pain than post- caesarean and I'm basically sitting on the wound. It must be magic. The only bruising I have is a small one by the drain site. I also have virtually no swelling. Amazing!

I'm still easily tired and had to have a nap after Armagghedon. The sudden hit of tiredness is amazing. I just suddenly find my eyes shutting and my head lolling right in the middle of doing things.

I do have the toileting and showering pretty much down pat. I had to use a disabled toilet today and it did not come close to my portable seat. I certainly agree a shower chair, a raised toilet chair and a grabber are essential tools. It's amazing how much stuff you drop when you can't bend over.

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