Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When big man speaks others listen.

To date I've had 3 referrals to Gastro. One from a service coordinator, one from an allied health professional and one from a neurologist. Two either didn't get done or were ignored and one was auctioned. Can you guess which one! I've noticed this is also the case with my occupational health referral. What does it say about our health system where referrals can be ignored?

Any way I've received a letter from Gastro saying we've received a referral and we'll see you sometime in the next 6 months, don't hold your breath, if we decide it's important we might see you sooner rather than later but don't ask when. Any problems see your GP. Surely if your GP could deal with the problem you wouldn't need them. Coincidentally the occupational therapy referral receipt received two weeks ago said much the same and so we wait.

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