Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It never rains but it pours

MS has brought out my inner ranter. I may become Disgruntled of Auckland in the letters to the Editor soon. It been an interesting couple of weeks. The bathroom renovations continue on. The upstairs one has finally been finished, sort of. This was the one with the accessible shower. See below!

The lip is nearly 60mm so a bit of a drag. The doors are now on - regular size put in not a wider one. Ai caramba! So now the downstairs one is supposedly going to be lower and wider but I think it'll just be a step down into it. Apparently writing things down is not part of the spec.

Despite the dramas it does look lovely. It's nice to be able to plug the electric toothbrush in and the bath is a thing of beauty. Now we just have to survive the renovation of the bathroom and laundry. If our new neighbours have anything to do with it I may not!

Our tradesmen all come after 9 apart from 2 occasions to reduce inconvenience on a shared driveway. On both occasions the neighbour had a hissy fit about being blocked in. She ignored the tradesmen who had parked there to come and ask me not to park in her driveway because she's always running late delivered very much in the tone of voice a teenage girl would be proud of. I don't park in her driveway so readily agreed. So where do I park? I park up our long driveway ( the one I struggle to get up) so the trades can get in. They try to finish as early as possible but of course if you start late you sometimes finish late. Tonight resulted in another hissy fit with gestures and hysteria as the electrician was blocking the driveway - he was in his van and trying to leave! I'm not certain what more can be done apart from ordering her a nice bulk supply of Valium.

Stress makes symptoms worse so I've ended up wobbly and tearful. Fortunately the neighbour up the driveway has said I can park in her driveway so at least I won't have to scale the driveway every day. At least they are just short term renters so we don't have to face years of animosity.

I have also had a neuro appointment. It was with my usual neuro's fill-in and he was excellent. The main discussion was my swallowing difficulties. He's arranged a referral to Gastro to see if it is another health problem, because MS and hip dysplasia are not sufficient, or MS related. He says it's rare in MS but I read perhaps 30-50% of people with MS have swallowing difficulties! Although I think they are more in the food transfer from mouth to throat. Anyway if it is unrelated that's apparently a yay(why I don't know!) because if it's caused by MS it means a diagnosis of progressive MS and apparently I can expect a degree of symptom worsening at the same current rate. Don't you love this disease!

On the bright side, if I keep progressing like I am my memory will soon be like a goldfish's and I'll get to meet new and exciting people over and over again.

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