Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't get me started!

There are two things that really irk me since coming under the power of the MonSter. Mobility parking vs parents with prams parking and account passwords.

Mobility parking: it's really good to have and it's great when you have struggle with a cane, crutch or wheelchair to be close to amenities. When it's difficult to get around and you're reasonably slow moving it is really helpful having a park close to the store, mall or facility door. But can someone explain to me why parents with prams need to be nearer the door than people who have difficulty walking?  I think parent with pram parks which are wider than normal so a pram fits easily between cars are a great idea - I've never seen any though. If there were a row of parks in the middle or second parking row back in a shopping centre carpark and they were wider than normal and had a painted walking strip leading to a safe crossing point I'd applaud the centre designers. But what I find is illustrated in this video:
Getting to a mobility park

I had just left the mall and was returning my car in a mobility park. Behind me are another 2 parks and across the lane behind my car are another 2 but the occupants must cross in front of vehicles to get to the mall.

Clause D1.3.6 of the building code states :
  • Vehicle spaces for use by people with disabilities, shall, in addition to the requirements of D1.3.5 [which includes appropriate dimensions, crossfall and slope] be:
  • (a) Provided in sufficient numbers
  • (b) Located to avoid conflict between vehicles and people using or moving to or from the space, and
  • (c) Easy to find as required by Clause F8 Signs.
I'm thinking this is not the case with these two!

And my other gripe -passwords!

My brain has lesions and my memory is now shite. I can't remember passwords. I do have them in my iPhone but my fingers are also a bit shite! If I ask for a hint it is often some abstract question which the answer I give never seems to be correct. Asking for the password to be sent to my email account is usually not an option - the option is to reset my password WITH A NEW PASSWORD that I have not used before - I now have to think up a new password and then I have to remember it to add it to my password safe and then I have to change it in 101 different locations. The impact of changing a google account password is so far-reaching it's unbelievable - gmail, youtube, circles and who knows where else! Youtube asks for my user name - ah but it's just tricking - it really means  my Google login - I need a stiff drink!

When I get a password wrong what do you think pops up! A stupid nonsensical word in italics with all the letters crammed so close that someone with great vision would struggle to differentiate between nn and m.  Try it with optic neuritis! All to prove I'm a real person - having failed three times it would appear I am not. Which really sums up how the world often perceives people with disabilities!

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