Monday, January 9, 2012

Got myself some new wheels!

Not exactly high-tech carbon fibre rigid frame with body hugging upholstery but still beats lurching and not being able to go anywhere. More a Land Rover Defender than a Porche I guess! I chose a folding chair because I wanted a chair I could chuck in the boot easily and to get a rigid frame that I can do that with would have cost mucho dinero. It's 9.5kg after I pop the wheels off (easy as!) so that's only 1.5-2 kg heavier than a rigid. I can dismantle and load it in less than a minute - haven't tried it blind-folded!

Had a good trial at Auckland airport today. I was able to get easily from the carpark to the terminal and not get run over! We went basically the length of the terminal twice with no problems whereas with my crutch and AFOs I'd have been exhausted. It pivots very nicely and fits easily into cafe table spaces. Tomorrow I'll tackle the marathon that is Sylvia Park!

Since I can still stand and move around with crutch or wall hugging then I saw no point in going through the funding process to get the chair covered. If I end up deteriorating then I can go for the bells and whistles carbon fibre like the Ti-lite ZX or a Melrose chair but for now I'm really pleased.

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