Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now let me get this right...

in order for Betaferon to help me have fewer relapses I have to endure a few months of my symptoms being exacerbated. So to feel better first I must feel sounds like a Buddhist saying. "Before zen one must first feel crap". There is a fabled t-shirt which reads "No, I'm not drunk, I have MS. What's your excuse!". Well I need that t-shirt! Today I can't walk straight or talk straight! I also have a red raised area on my leg thigh from the jab 6 days ago. It's not itchy, it's just there. And the optic neuritis is worsened so I can't see straight.

Now here's what I reckon....Betaferon doesn't actually make you any better. It's just for the first 3 month's supply they put in a mild paralytic so you don't function properly. Then after 3 months they just have sterile water and NaCl. So then you feel better and think the interferons are working but really it's just you're not paralyzed any more!

It's interesting observing different people's attitudes to the disclosure of MS. My mother asked me if anyone (meaning the neighbors I think) had said anything about me using a forearm crutch. I told her no but if they did I'd just tell them I had MS. Her newer was "You don't have to tell anyone.". Fair enough but what's the other option? A) lie - "I've got a spanned ankle" or B) "None of your fecken business!". Surely the truth is the best option! Today I had to tell a bank teller I had MS because she asked what I'd done to my leg. I didn't mind - she was the embarrassed one not me.

Today I also confronted two teenyboppers coming out of the disabled toilet. I was quite nice "You know that's the disabled loo, eh?". They looked chagrinned (result!). BUT I then had to use the loo even though I didn't need it or it would have looked a bit petty!

Those motorized scooters are starting to look a lot less unattractive! There is even one based on a Harley! now that's what I'm talking about! And it has a top speed of 16kph! I could throw on a leather jacket, some Oakleys....born to be wild!

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