Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Betaferon is a pain in the bum!

I've had a week of Betaferon jabs and I can report that jabs in the thigh or stomach = no problemo but jabs in the butt are a bit owey!  I had to put my long-suffering husband in charge of butt jabs because it's just too hard at this early stage of things! I iced appropriately - I may have frost bite! I got everything ready and handed him the auto injector and then foolishly said "Don't press too hard" so of course the weight of the auto injector pulled the needle down a little so it stung! Tonight was better, a bit more pressure and a lot of icing! It seemed so easy when I was giving women jabs in their bums in the line of duty!

Also in the world of MS, I've been out to Rehab+ to see the physio twice. It was all a lot of talk about what to do and not a lot of doing! I have never been a real physio fan, only really trusting one who is a magician! But I thought she might do something to help my spastic legs or my excruciating hip but alas no! Part of the problem is I have relatively good leg strength even though it is drastically reduced - it's all relative I guess so compared to a stroke victim I'm a super being. Still I kind of resent driving out westish to spend an hour talking about how it's silly to do weight training for my upper body - what's my aim? Duh! to build upper body strength, to tone some cooperative muscles and because I enjoy it. She feels Tai chi or yoga would be more suitable! 

When you get a dire diagnosis, everyone tells you it's important to have a positive attitude but begorra it's hard to when all the allied health professionals have such a dismal outlook! Tomorrow is OT assessment where I have to convince yet another person that "no, selling my house with stairs is totally not going to happen, particularly in the current economic environment" (always wanted to say that!). I have managed to get the stair rails re-attached so that's a start! We have a disabled shower downstairs from the previous occupant so that might earn a gold star! Of course I don't like it and prefer the over the bath one upstairs which earned me a dire prediction of broken hips from the physio! I was also advised to come downstairs in the morning and not go up again until bedtime! I would prefer to simply stay upstairs and be waited on but neither is likely to happen!

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