Friday, August 12, 2011


Today I must head off to vampire central and I am afraid, very afraid!

I had some blood taken last week for my drug trial. I only have one good vein - it's in my left arm and I am very protective of it. Well, the plebotomist must have nicked a nerve because it's been a week of pain radiating from my elbow up the back of my arm and occasionally down it. Ibuprofen has no effect and it is not pleasant!

It wouldn't be quite so bad if I didn't need a follow up take today because my liver functions are elevated. My vein is in hiding! I've put it off for 2 days but can't any more.  Definitely not happy! At least the study nurse says I don't need any blood tests after my next visit on the 30th so that's a relief!

I guess I'll have to bite the bullet! Hope it's only one tube and no vaccutainer because I think her wriggling the vaccutainer around is what did the damage.  Of course it may be due to the hosepipe they used to give me my iv steroids but it is not as likely. So off I go into the brink....wish me luck!

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