Sunday, July 31, 2011

Insomnia sucks!

Insomnia does give you more hours in the day, this is true. Unfortunately those hours are grumpy. It's 00:21 and I'll wide awake after only 4-5 hours a night for the last fortnight or so. Brilliant minds may flourish on this little sleep but minds like mine tend to head more towards psychotic bitch from hell.

The world seems to be populated with annoying stupid people. They drive stupidly, they stand around stupidly, they get in my way stupidly. I have only a modicum of patience and it is used up by the women I visit so the world is at my mercy.

I'm planning a hostile takeover of an event and really got peeved with someone who was trying to rally support for it. It wasn't the actual act of trying to resurrect it, I agree entirely it needs an overhaul. It was the way her plea was  worded and laid out. To be taken seriously you need to state your case in a direct and eloquent manner. Perhaps and maybe have no place. And poor grammar is not an option. Really, the sooner people give in and let me rule the world, the sooner there will be peace.

The problem with insomnia is it really mucks with the brain. I've been trying to write a proposal, a short story and edit a newsletter and words just keep failing me. I have not let that stand in my way and have been inventing new words for use when the correct word doesn't pop to the front of my brain. They are simply placeholders but some of them have been really good potential words - again, once I take over the world.....

They say older people need less sleep. I'm wondering if it's just a line that's been fed to them. Perhaps the reason so many older adults are so grumpy is they are chronically overtired. Maybe old people need more sleep - like babies. It would fill some of the hours and give them an excuse to avoid basket weaving classes.  They could probably do some yoga because if the room was warm enough they could have a nap.

The funny thing is so many of my clients are complaining, as many new parents do, about the fact that they are hard pressed to get 3 hours straight sleep. BUT between 10 and 7 they may get 7 hours! I get 4 and have to function as an adult and not moan. I can sympathise in my head but on this little sleep, it's not a sympathetic voice in my head!

It's times like this that the wonders of pharmacology do sound nice. An imovane now and I could be off in lala land.  Really clever medication! They make you do what your body/brain is refusing to do. One minute your brain is contemplating Archimedes' theorem and the impact on how much ice cream to soda you can put in a spider and the next zzzzzzzzzzz. So clever and much safer than laudanum!

Guess I might as well head to bed, at least it's warm and I can play bejewelled on my iphone!

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