Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trying out Arthur's Half

I decided to try out Arthur's Half route today! I started in Titirangi so I could finish there and go to a cafe for lunch. The first half went well. It was down hill or flat. I made it quite happily to Glen Eden and bought two slices of ginger crunch there as my glycogen levels were feeling a bit depleted. I ate one then and saved the other one for later on. West Coast road was long but not too boring....and then I hit Carter Road! It is uphill nearly all the way to Shaw Road - 4kms! It goes up over 130m to Scenic Drive.
Scenic Drive was OK, just had to hug the edges and slosh through a bit of mud. Heading from centennial Drive to titirangi Village always seems further than I remember - a bit depressing.
I was glad to get into the village and sit down for some pasta salad and a yummy latte. I also managed to beat the rain - brilliant.
A bit more hill training and I'll be ready for Arthur's Half and Auckland should be heaps easier!

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