Saturday, June 28, 2008

Intervals, intervals...and more intervals

Having never really got the point of intervals I've now become a convert! I had to force myself on my run a few days ago to keep the pace and not change to an intervals session. They are just more entertaining, the boredom of the constant plod plod is broken up by the occasional gallopy gallop (and associated gasps of air). Whereas I used to promise myself after this 100m, 500m or k you can have a walking break it's become a case of 'another 200m and you can speed up for a 100ms'. My most exciting intervals were at the gym on the treadmill when i cranked it up to 14kph! That 150m flew by and fortunately I didn't fly off the end of the treadmill.

Only 8 days until the Gold Coast! I'm looking forward to it - especially a bit of sun! It will certainly be a case of spot the pasty Kiwis!

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