Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stop, wait a minute

I've been having a few problems with my foot. The screws have been bugging me and it aches around the ankle. The solution - remove the screws so I can have an MRI.

Last Monday I had the screws removed under spinal. I hobbled around for three days with my foot wrapped in crepe and cotton wool. I was then told to remove the crepe and "fluffy stuff" and just leave the clear dressing on until I saw my GP at day 10 for removal of the stitches. Fine, apart from the fact there was no clear dressing! I had to go and buy an onsite dressing. 

I can water walk and bike after two weeks and run after four which is nice but my Wellington Half falls dead on two weeks. I obviously can't run it but I need to decide if I can walk it. Monday - two days away- is my d-day to decide.

Watch this space.

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