Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm back, back again, yes I'm back. Tell a friend.

Well time has flown in the penguin universe. I really should have been a bear because then I could say I've been hibernating. Mmmm sleep, love sleep.

I've been grumbling along. Popping pills and paying exorbitant physio fees, the usual. But then I had an epiphany (such a beautiful word). When I sit on my butt I hurt and it tends to spread. When I walk I hurt - let's start at the creepy creaky ankle tendon and work up through the dying hip, immobile gut, go slow throat and arm with parathesia to the brain that sometimes struggles to remember the month, forget the day. So I figured I may as well run, it couldn't hurt any more, I shouldn't look anymore like Frankenstein's monster (ooh quick brain flash of Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster) than when I walk.

At the weekend various people who should probably be inside the walls of an insane asylum but actually walk among us were running and walking around a 400m track for 24 hours. One was my husband and on occasion he required an item avec vitesse and I would run across the field in the centre of the track and no one tried to take me down with a tranquilliser dart. I felt no ill effects and was pleasantly surprised. I had been working up running times on the treadmill but had been sidelined by my crazy foot and had never run outside since the surgery.

Today at 4 I thought I'd take the dog for a walk. I traversed the side of Mt Kilimanjaro aka our driveway and thought it might be nice to run a short distance down a hill when I reached it. Then I thought it might be nice to try a short spurt on the gentle upward sloping street before I reached the downhill street. So I ran and when I reached the street is meant to run a little on I kept running and so it went for 29:51 minutes!

So naturally my foot hurt and my hip hurt and I was disheartened. No! The foot did niggle but it does that walking down the stairs and that was it! No sore hip, no deep depressions. Nope, I ended up euphoric and proud of myself. So I think I may as well carry on because no one else has any better ideas. The dog won't know what's hit her!

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