Friday, April 26, 2013

More drugs to make me rattle

It was neurologist check up day today. I saw my relief neuro and it went reasonably well. I continue on pretty much as I always have but my shakes seemed to have increased over the last fortnight. My legs start to get really restless and my arms get the mad desire to wave around. Not a good look!

So he had nothing to help with my swallowing - no surprise there. He thought my Baclofen dose was high but if I don't take it I shake and grind my teeth like someone demented! The hip surgery has made my leg stronger apparently. Pity it still hurts if I walk too far (as in further than car to store).

He has recommended an ECG to check out my spasmy actions are not seizures - cos I need another health issue! I've also been prescribed Clonazepam to see if it helps. Despite it being a benzo I have high hopes as it seems to cover a lot of my problems in one - spasms, bruxism (tooth grinding), anxiety. I'll try it tonight and we'll see what happens.

So my current regime is:
2 Baclofen tabs
1 Ferrograd tab because my swallowing difficulties means I don't get a lot of iron and I lost a lot of blood in the hip surgery and off course the amount of marrow in that particular long bone is greatly reduced due to the titanium stake in it's heart.
Loxalate for anxiety - I was worrying about things that hadn't even happened!
Occasionally Oxybutynin for overactive bladder.

4 Baclofen
0.5mg Clonazepam
Occasional Oxybutynin
Occasional 1/2 a zopiclone when I haven't slept properly for more than 3 days. Hopefully the Clonazepam will put an end to needing that.

Add to that Brufen, maxigesic and Panadol as needed and it all adds up to a lot of rattling!

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