Sunday, July 8, 2012

Going on an adventure!

Tomorrow I set off for 3 weeks in the US! I've got a buddy along for 10 days but then I'm on my own. This trip was planned prior to my diagnosis - 18 months ago! Now I will get to see if my plans have worked out.

I have one less worry - not being on injectables anymore means my carry-on is not totally taken up with needles with no room for anything else. There is still a large bag of pills but they are not too cumbersome. I have had to collect my next repeat early so I'll have enough so now I have bottles everywhere! They all have to be in my carry-on to avoid the risk of them going to Norway and me going to the US - don't laugh - a friend is currently in France luggage less.

I have hmmed and hard over taking my wheelchair. It is weighing up the risk of relapsing and totally losing the use of my legs vs having to heft it around for probably only 2 days of use. I think I've made the decision to leave it. It was sort of helped by my travel companion saying "I'm not pushing it." I still struggle with hills and kerbs so I need anyone with me on board with helping. I have checked into hiring over there and it is possible but not that cheap. I would also probably want to store it rather than take it to San Francisco (hills!) and that would be $120! At ComicCon they have loan chairs you can have for 2 hours - probably dread transit chairs! There are scooters available for hire at Universal Studios and disneyland so I figure if necessary I'm covered. Also the state of my bike spokes after flying makes me reluctant to trust anyone with my chair!

I will be taking my crutch and splint. I've also had a moderately successful steroid injection in my right hip to help reduce inflammation from my hip dysplasia which has flared with the MS. So I guess I'm as ready as possible!

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