Monday, November 14, 2011


My legs seem to have lost their bones. They're both wobbly and weak. It's making work a challenge. Fortunately there's a bit of a lull at the moment so I'm only visiting 5 women and their babies. It's not putting me in the happiest of places. I'm still waiting for the promised remission - it can't be relapsing-remitting MS if I don't get a remission - I demand my remission as promised on my diagnosis letter.

I had my bloods done on Friday so now I'm just waiting for someone to check them and either go 'holy moly!' or find them back to normal. I'm a bit over the old Betaferon at the moment. I'm covered in red itchy welts at all the injection sites apart from the one I did manually reeeeeeeeally slowly, like an iron injection. Trouble is I can't do the jabs in my bum manually - just not dextrous enough.  I can put the needle in but can't push the plunger so they have to be auto injector so sting and will probably reward me with a big itchy red welt tomorrow - great....I'm going to be scratching my bum for the next 5 days!

I did find a 'young and groovy' rollator - the active walker . The woman in the video using it looks like she's having a lovely time but when you get down to it , it's still a rollator! Even if you get a nifty shopping basket, a padded seat that raises and lowers and optional accessories of colored cushions. Guess I'll just have to cover my crutches in diamantes and be done with it!

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