Sunday, August 1, 2010

Road is hard

My Salomon packvest went for a nice long trail run yesterday ....unfortunately it  didn't take me, in fact it didn't even tell me it was going!
So I was left to do a road run today that had way too many hills and way too few trees. You'd think roads with names like "Gillies Ave", Khyber Pass" and "Mt Eden Rd" would be nice but they're not! The dog went out too quick and I ended up towing her near the end.

We did maintain a nice pace despite the nasty hills and even did a grand spurt of speed to make the cross signal triggered by the 5 1/2 pack from the Y coming up the hill. Always nice to pass other runners when you're doing a decent clip rather than slogging!

I remembered to tape my foot so that went well apart from a slight rub on the side of my foot where the tape was a bit tight. So I've now managed to push the poor foot up to 9.5k with 5 and 6 k runs during the week so it seems I am on the mend. Now if I can do 5 times the distance I'm sweet!

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