Sunday, June 19, 2016

Another magic potion

I was having great results with Gilenya but my white cell count kept dropping. I was struggling to fight colds.

I am JC virus positive and a low WBC could give the opportunity for the virus to attack my brain. Not a good scene.

Fortunately my neurologist agreed. I had a final blood and urine test prior to my new medication.

Tecfidera has only just been subsidised in New Zealand so I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to use it. I'm about number 7 in Auckland.

I had the prep talk to prepare for the possible side effects - flushing as far as purple, insane itching, gut disturbance. Sounds like fun.

I've just finished my first week on one capsule of 120mg. A few mild itches and one day of feeling a bit nauseous since I made poor food choices for breakfast. A ice cream cone soon fixed everything.

I now start my dose of 120mg in the morning and evening. Antihistamine at the ready and prepared to grab some antacid if need be.

I have gut issues any way so I have most of the necessary drugs on hand.

Next week I go to 120mg in the morning and 240mg in the evening in preparation for the full on 240mg twice a day.

I bought home about $6000 of drugs, thank goodness for the government subsidises. I'm hoping I have as much success with Tecfidera as I had with Gilenya.

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